New Naturist Resort

Investment Opportunity (Secured)

with very lucrative options built into any ageement

Self-catering naturist holidays for Adults in Spain. An Investment Opportunity (Secured) with very lucrative options built into any agreement. To be a New Naturist Resort with Twelve high-specification apartments, yet in a medium price range.


Our charming old Spanish hacienda (circa 1750s) was purchased in a semi-derelict state, originally comprising 34 rooms. It has been totally renovated and restored and was converted some years back into large, two-bedroom family holiday apartments, at the same time retaining much of its historic nature and original features, including beamed ceilings and a quirky layout.


The setting offers total privacy and tranquility and has splendid mountain views.

Total build: 1073 m2 (10,400 sq.ft)

At Present ...


There are seven very large, quality two-bedroom family holiday apartments, which include a recently built two-bedroom bungalow. All paperwork, licences and permissions are in place.


We have decided to upgrade and open an Adult Naturist Resort and will convert the layout to provide twelve spacious one-bedroom apartments.


All apartments will be upgraded to a high specification yet marketed within a medium price range, giving our guests excellent value for money.


Owners ...


Tony and Julia have been the sole owners of this very large period property in Almeria province for over 17 years.


We both have a particular interest in period properties, and between us have extensive experience in hotel/catering and hospitality, having been in business for many years.


Tony has developed a number of properties including their design and project management.



Rescued from Ruin ...


Julia and I were looking for a Spanish property and didn’t mind if it needed some renovation. An agent showed us this very large but dilapidated excuse for a property, we gave it some thought and recognised that it was an historic building crying out to be restored. We decided to take up the challenge!


Like a jigsaw with half the pieces missing we started restoring little by little, or as the Spanish say ”poco a poco”. Originally 34 rooms full of character, a history dating back over 250 years lurking within, we set about this enormous task.


We finally completed the overall restoration and secured planning for two-bedroom holiday apartments (back then naturism was not accepted by many local authorities). In recent years due to EU regulations on equal rights etc Spanish tourism has embraced naturist holidays along with any other type of holiday.


Our resort is particularly well placed to enjoy peace, privacy and tranquillity in Real Spain, whilst being within easy reach of the coastline. As sole owners we will be in a position to offer our guests a high-quality resort holiday within a medium price range.


We are now embarking on taking this historic building to its ultimate destination, a proud and imposing Spanish hacienda that can live on for the next 250 years.


The total upgrade is in the region of £130,000 to £150,000, which includes the £60,000 investment and a healthy contingency.

Our future aim is to retire within the next eight years or so and pursue our charitable interests. For us it isn’t all about money, as the one thing in life you cannot buy is time. This will become evident within our 3-year investment option.


Little did we envisage that the challenge we took up some seventeen years ago would become such a mammoth project. We have endured the hard times and enjoyed the good, nevertheless it has been a thoroughly gratifying experience and well worthwhile.


Having almost achieved our goal, to see this as a thriving, naturist holiday resort will just be the icing on the cake.


For further information click the CONTACT button above - we look forward to hearing from you.

We were seeking an investor or investors for the sum of £60,000. We are pleased to say we are halfway towards our target!


We have an investor therefore we require an individual investor for £30,000 or two investors of £15,000

This is a short-term investment of 5 years (secured) with various very lucrative options, fully explained within our agreement.


We have totally researched adult naturist holidays and had discussions with a number of companies and other organisations within the industry. The consensus is that demand greatly outstrips supply of naturist resorts, especially within southern Europe with its guarantee of six months continuous sun.